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  1. ↑ The name of the Pretty Hungry Caterpillar present in the original Japanese game is 毛虫くん, which is a character from the popular gag manga Mōretsu Atarō. The name was later changed in the localization to be instead a reference to the children's picture book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  2. Plot Summary: As the 21st century approaches, a new 20th-century museum has opened in town, for the adults to relive their childhood. However, the owners of the museum seem to have other plans for.
  3. mōretsu de wa nakatta mōretsu ja nakatta: Formal 猛烈です: もうれつです: mōretsu desu: Formal negative 猛烈ではありません 猛烈じゃありません: もうれつではありません もうれつじゃありません: mōretsu de wa arimasen mōretsu ja arimasen: Formal past 猛烈でした: もうれつでした.
  4. Based on a manga of Akatsuka Fujio. Batsugoro was the owner of a grocery store, Yaobatsu. When he tried to take a balloon hanged caught on the branch for a little child, he fell on to the ground to die. His son, Ataro, succeeded to the store, but Batsugoro was worried about him, and he remained there being a ghost. Ataro managed the shop alone, but soon his follower, Dekoppachi, began to help.
  5. This is a list of all Crayon Shin-chan movies (films). Links Crayon Shin-chan official movie website, Crayon Shin-chan official Facebook page.
  6. Choukou Senshi Changéríon (超光戦士シャンゼリオン Chōkō Senshi Shanzerion, translated as Super Optical Soldier Changéríon) is a Tokusatsu series created by Toei Company. The series aired from April 3, to December 25, It was originally planned to run for a full 52 episodes before being cut down to 39 due to low ratings. Alphabet notation for title is originally.
  7. Mōretsu Atarō Manga by Osomatsu-kun/Tensai Bakabon's Fujio Akatsuka Gets Stage Play (Sep 17, ) Haruka Ayase Stars in 1st Live-Action Himitsu no Akko-chan Film (Oct 4, ).
  8. Mouretsu Pirates is effectively a slice of life show jammed into a space opera. Because of this, it feels in many places that the series is not entire sure in which direction it wants to go. This is amplified by the fact that the series takes the plots from several of the light novels without trying to tie them together.

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